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Robert Musil Literatur Museum Theres Cassini - Possibilities or as yet unborn truths 13.05 2014 – 30.05.2014 Ulrich's qualities By Daniela Gregori Slowly, sieves with single words written on them circle above one's head, the terms superimpose themselves, continually produce new connections, raise questions. It's a cheerful "mix and match" of the words that emerge with the over-dimensional mobile. For her exhibition in the Robert Musil Literatur Museum, Theres Cassini focussed on nothing less than the "The man without qualities", the unfinished main work of the author, from which she redeploys single sentences or the attributes of the protagonists in kinetic plastics. It isn't the first time that the museum in the author's birthplace has embarked on projects on the interface between literature and art - but in this case, it seems as if the connection has succeeded both content-wise as well as formally. Whilst the newly adapted (three years ago), multifunctional entrance area is extensively used, smaller works defer to the show rooms, which, besides Musil, are dedicated to the writers Ingeborg Bachmann and Christine Lavant. Cassini's plastics can be considered as happy-free associations, which remain close to their reference and yet – also because of the carefully thought-out choice of materials – leave room for further thoughts. Robert Musil Literatur Museum 9020 Klagenfurt, Bahnhofstraße 50 Tel: +43 463 501429 Fax: +43 463 501429-1 E-mail: klagenfurt@musilmuseum.at www.musilmuseum.at Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10-17 hours Votivkirche Corporeality and sexuality – Theology of the body in modern art 26.04 – 15.06 2014 Church and contemporaneity By Hartwig Bischof On schedule to co-ordinate with the canonisation of the two Popes, John XXIII and John-Paul II, an exhibition in Vienna's Votivkirche refers to statements on the theology of the body made by the latter. The papal utterances are summarised to such illustrious themes as innocence, nakedness, lust, shame, redemption of the heart or bridal meaning of the body and confronted with artistic works from the immediate contemporaneity. The specific works from the lists of artists with different degrees of fame were, for the most part, created without a papal-theological background. David von der Stein projects his video "Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens“ onto the masked panes of church windows and along the metal beams, some slits remain free so that the coloured glass lying behind them supports the structure of the video yet again. Similarly congenially integrated are the plastics by Anders Krisár, which show a child's body with the etched traces of two adult hands in the side chapel of the holy grave. Further, there is a video installation by Clemens Wilhelm, and Karmen Frankl's large light globes swing above that part of the church in which, not so long ago, refugees went on hunger strike for a humane accommodation. Votivkirche 1090 Vienna, Rooseveltplatz Tel: +43 688 946 61 50 E-mail: info@kunstglaube.at www.leiblichkeit-und-sexualitaet.org Opening hours: Tue-Sat 9-13, 16-18, Sun 9-13 Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi / Eden Eden Seth Price 30.04.2014 – 30.06.2014 More information – less meaning By Thomas Kuhn When one opens a letter, the envelope often has a pattern on the inside of it. A generic pattern that sometimes reflects a connection with the sender. It's a message beyond the actual message for which the envelope is not more or not less than the capsule. In his exhibition in the new rooms of Isabella Bortolozzi, such envelopes mark the new paintings by Seth Price (*1973 in East Jerusalem). Enlarged on rough wood, without addresses, they pose the question of who sent a message to whom. In case it should be news from the present to the past, then it's that which, in the East European context is – not without reason – still described as post moderne, which, in Seth Price’s works orientates towards the history of the paintings, and here, particularly, seizing upon the quodlibet, a variant of the trompe-l’œil. In revised, contemporary style of the Dutch baroque painting of the 17th century, the artist who lives in New York, pins his enlarged envelopes onto vertical format boards and combines painting and collage in an illustrative style. With his pictures, Seth Price writes a meaningful and revealing conception of that simulacrum which Jean Baudrillard encompasses in his texts: we live in a world with more information and evermore less meaning … letters without content and without addressee … Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi / Eden Eden 10783 Berlin, Bülowstraße 74 Tel: +49 30 26 39 49 85 E-mail: info@bortolozzi.com eden-eden.com Opening hours: Sat 12-18 hours Galerie Hubert Winter Nil Yalter 09.05.2015 – 21.06.2014 Nomads of work By Susanne Rohringer The Hubert Winter Gallery is presently showing conceptual installations by the Turkish-French artist, Nil Yalter, which she created on her journey through Europe in the 70's. Nil Yalter, born 1938 in Cairo, moved in the 40's to Istanbul with her Turkish parents. She moved to Paris in her 27th year and still lives in the city aged 76. In his gallery, Hubert Winter is now showing a very specific selection of the comprehensive works by Nil Yalter. The installative????? work, "Orient Express" from 1976 can be seen in the main room. At that time, Yalter took one of the last trains from the Gare de Lyon through Yugoslavia and Bulgaria to Istanbul. This train transported work migrants for the western industries to Central and Western Europe. The influx of so-called "migrant workers" continued in large waves up to the time of the oil crisis in 1973. Thereafter, it bottomed out and "was no longer wanted on this scale" by the "host countries". That meant a deterioration in the situation of the migrant workers in Europe. In Yalter's work, "Orient Express", the artist captures this journey by means of photography, 16mm film, and drawings. She shows the faces of the travelling men looking out of the train window, the ever-present cigarette smoke. Tense expectation is written on the people's faces, as is the hardship of their existence. With “Orient Express”, she created an unmistakable artistic document. On one of her journeys in the 70's, Nil Yalter came to Neuenkirchen near Hamburg, where she photographed the preparations for a village festival and in so doing, came across Frau Meisel. Working as a cleaning lady, Frau Meisel was the ordinary wife of a truck driver. Yalter photographed her on the job and interviewed her about her life. It's a small, feministic look at a woman's life that Yalter often thematised in her other works, not shown here. In particular, she interviewed Turkish emigrant women whose stories were to be seen in the large work, "Turkish Immigrants" at the 10th Paris Biennale in 1977. Another work by Nil Yalter – "Paris Ville Lumiere" from 1974 – can also be seen at Hubert Winter: It concerns 20 strips of material which thematise individual Parisian districts. Together with the artist, Judy Blum, she explored each district one after the other and captures the peculiarities with the camera. It's an assurance of the here and now and it's an act of appropriation. This work also throws light on the difficulties of an artist of Turkish descent who tries to be successful in Paris. Without doubt, Nil Yalter succeeded in doing the latter. It's nice to be able to now see these early works in Vienna. Works that also constitute an essence of her artistic capability. Galerie Hubert Winter 1070 Vienna, Breite Gasse 17 Tel: +43 1 524 09 76 Fax: +43 1 524 09 76 9 email: office@galeriewinter.at www.galeriewinter.at Opening hours: Tue – Fri: 11 - 18, Sa 11 - 13h

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