240214 : Galerie Lindner: Anna-Maria Bogner-Ratio

Galerie Lindner Anna-Maria Bogner-Ratio 13.02.2014 to 21.03.2014 Classic and Asceticism By Margareta Sandhofer Anna–Maria Bogner is an astoundingly young artist in Peter Lindner's program. But she is also astoundingly young for the consequence with which she tows her artistic line. Her sparse drawings in blacklead and pencil carry her unmistakeable signature. Anna–Maria Bogner doesn't create scant art for hasty enjoyment. She demands that the viewer beholds the depth of space which she constructs out of fine lines: clearly reduced, disciplined in the extreme, irritating in her minimal and subtle deviations from geometric or perspective fundamental forms. In the middle of the drawings, she presents an installation; with the puristic application of a few eyelets in the wall and one on an expanded rubber band which fragments and entangles the room all at the same time. In November 2013, Anna–Maria Bogner aroused attention at the "Parallel" (an alternative to the VIENNAFAIR) with a wall installation with exactly the same applications. While the intervention at the "Parallel" was still tender, floating filigree in the room, this is architecturally anchored. An optically fundamental meaning can be seen in the metal junctions. The room's proportions are anchored. The gallery room is traversed, intersected and, at the same time, solidly interconnected. As if the installation were a constructive part of the room. The delicate, intangible limbo which evades the unending semblance of the earlier version, has given way to a self-confident certainty which dominates the room. The new rubber band installation is certainly the central exhibit, a magnet in the current exhibition. In the adjoining room, the picture divided into two takes a second, particularly important position. Two large drawings stand back-to-front to one another. The slightly vertical displacement between the two creates a tense relationship between them. The drawings are clearly divided from one another by their frames, but appear to want to surmount these, they reach out towards each other, but the optical impression is that of a separation. As if the large unit to which they belong is arbitrarily split: the cohesiveness of the two parts is compulsory. Anna–Maria Bogner's works are characterized by a contradictory principle. Space is suggested and deconstructed, the space experience is invoked and simultaneously withheld. It's an ascetic art of concentrated precision, without pathos, without colour. The whiteness of the void stands for space itself whose continuum is brought to a halt by crystalline fractions which concretise themselves when single lines are drawn energetically through the non-transparent construction. Significant characteristics are an idiosyncratic, renaissance-like classic and asceticism secluded within themselves, occasionally meditative. Galerie Lindner 1060 Vienna, Schmalzhofgasse 13/3 Tel: +43 1 913 44 58 Fax: +43 1 913 44 58 email: Galerie.Lindner@chello.at http://www.galerie-lindner.at Opening hours: Tue - Fri 14-18 hours

Galerie Lindner
1060 Wien, Schmalzhofgasse 13/3
Tel: +43 1 913 44 58, Fax: +43 1 913 44 58
Email: Galerie.Lindner@chello.at
Öffnungszeiten: Do+Fr 14-18 h

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