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Kunsthistorisches Museum Kunstkammer Wien 01.03.2013 – 31.03.2013 Come and be amazed By Daniella Gregori It was a superlative-filled week for the minister: in Los Angeles she rejoiced over the two Oscars for Austria, and, after almost an entire decade, she finally inaugurated the Kunstkammer (Art Chamber) in the Art History Museum. For Sabine Haag, the director of the Art History Museum, the re-opening of the Kunstkammer was a very emotional moment. An entire generation grew up without knowing this wonderful "venue of knowledge, amazement, and exciting learning”, Haag said. Indeed, those who had the chance to visit the Kunstkammer as a child will remember the amazement it triggered: the ostrich eggs with their elaborate ornamentation, bezoars and other bizarre pieces. To make it short: the endeavor was a complete success, not least because the objects were chosen very carefully. Among them the Saliera, which was given a special status because it was selected as one of 20 “room regents”, each of which take on a visual-didactic patronage for the respective room it represents. The architect HG Merz, who works in Stuttgart and Berlin, was challenged to create a design positioned between “humility and delicatesse” – his showcases, that replaced those by Clemens Holzmeister of the 1930's - are the best voucher for this characterization. Ultimately the objective was to bring the installations in accordance with the historical building structure. And one can easily assume that the lighting in a museum environment, which was conceived for daylight, presents a particular challenge. Light fixtures will always be perceived as alien elements, and by calling on Olafur Eliasson, didn’t make matters any better. But that is the only thing one can criticize. Kunsthistorisches Museum 1010 Vienna, Burgring 5 Tel: +43 1 525 24 0 http://www.khm.at Opening hours: Tue - Sun 9.00-18.00 hours

Kunsthistorisches Museum
1010 Wien, Burgring 5
Tel: +43 1 525 24 0
Email: info@khm.at
Öffnungszeiten: Di-So 9.00-18.00

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