260312: Kunstraum Innsbruck Martin Soto Climent – The Bright of the Whisper

Kunstraum Innsbruck Martin Soto Climent – The Bright of the Whisper 11.02.12 – 05.04.12 Mythologies of Irritation By Manisha Jothady The Mexican artist Martin Soto Climent (born 1977) created a fascinating, and at the same time disturbing, installation for his first solo presentation in Austria. His work is based on the symbolic transformation of diverse objets trouvés. Door wings placed on chairs create shelf space for a conglomeration of everyday objects including a chess game, trinkets, spinning wheels, leather gloves and lace underwear. At the same time, the door-chair constructions serve as the base for a mesh of nylon stockings that are stretched to the ceiling, and in their waistbands one may find a hot water bottle, a cake tin, or wisps of hair. Women’s boots create a wall sculpture, a curtain laid in folds flowing into the boots, a pair of high heels on the floor, and a bra hanging on the wall. Without doubt, the artist enjoys playing with the fetish-quality inherent to erotic female accessories. But through the irritating concatenation with other details of the installation, through the unusual, partly contradictory play of the objects, Soto Climent lets the visitor surmise that these are not solely meant as references to the human body. He is much more interested in stimulating the world of things. The accompanying text of the exhibition therefore refers to the “animism of objects”, to sounding out their “state”. By giving familiar objects in irrational context and reviving lifeless things, the artist positions himself close to the surrealists. The mysteriousness of his art also seems to thrive on an unfathomable form of thinking. The exhibition clearly proves that Soto Climent opts out of the conventions of a collective understanding of reality. He creates a cosmos that seems to follow its own laws. But whatever it is that he wants to tell us, it is impossible to decode his message completely. Kunstraum Innsbruck 6020 Innsbruck, Maria-Theresien Strasse 34 Tel: +43 512 58 4000 Fax: +43 512 58 4000 15 Email: office@kunstraum-innsbruck.at http://www.kunstrauminnsbruck.at Opening hours: Daily 18 – 22 hours

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