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Open Space – Open Systems It’s the Political Economy, Stupid 16.03.11 – 25.04.11 Economic and political entanglements The four video works presented in the exhibition curated by Oliver Ressler and Gregory Sholette at the Open Space – Open Systems in Vienna, impressively show how economic and political intrigues influence the global changes in everyday life of a Lebenswelt encoded by western ideals. A video installation centring on the financial crisis, in which a hypnotist transposes the viewers into several abysmal scenarios, lets them slip into the role of George Soros and confronts them with the fear of financial ruin, is presented by Superflex. Damon Rich’s conversations between bankers, architects, investors and finance experts gives insight into the structures of privately financed housing projects in the US. They discuss the problems associated with freely circulating financial capital and its effects, which laid the basis for the crisis in 2008. Zanny Begg introduces the magician Mr. Invisible Hands in her video project and performs various tricks with a rabbit, created with the help of animated film. In this playful manner she successfully points to a topic, which, if it is concerned with boundless desires and tricks in the financial world of trading, is usually dealt with in a matter-of-fact-way. In numerous interviews, Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson concentrate on lobbyists in the EU Commission, who are paid one billion euros annually to influence delegates. The statements are partly commented with a singing tone to make the absurdity of these activities even more apparent. With this contribution, the curators could not have questioned current political tactics more timely; they anticipated facts that have recently come to light in Austria. The exhibition will be presented in an extended version at the Austrian Culture Forum in New York in 2012. After three successful years of her internationally renowned exhibition practice, Gülsen Bal, the director of Open Space – Zentrum für Kunstprojekte, renewed the program: as of 2012, following a transition phase, Open Space will be renamed into Open Systems. In the future, Bal will be supported by an advisory committee and will no longer have to make decisions on her own; based on project submissions, a more open and discursive exchange with international artists will take place. By Walter Seidl Open Space – Open Systems 1020 Vienna, Lassingleithnerplatz 2, Schwedenplatz Tel: +43 669 115 286 32 Email: office@openspace-zkp.org http://www.openspace-zkp.org

Open Systems
1020 Wien, Lassingleithnerplatz 2, Schwedenplatz
Tel: +43 699 115 286 32
Email: office@openspace-zkp.org

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