150310: We live and work in Vienna – Brighten the Corners

Galerie Area 53 We live and work in Vienna – Brighten the Corners 5.02.10. – 23.04.10 Widened view of the scene Simultaneously with the opening of the Kunsthalle-exhibition “Lives and works in Vienna III”, Area 53 opened its “We live and work in Vienna”-show – described as a “nice extension of what is really A-listed in Vienna”. Mounty R.P. Zentara and Karin Sulimma spontaneously sent out invitations to their artist colleagues via Internet and word of mouth, asking them to present any one of their works at the gallery. Being a professional artist and to living in Vienna were the main requirements. No emphasis was placed on style, media or artistic direction; no quality-judgement was passed. The works were accepted as late as up to only three hours before the opening. In contrast with the exhibition at the Kunsthalle, the objectivity (?) of international curators did not play a role. The artists themselves took charge of organizing the event, which was done in less than three weeks. The number of applications was huge, and among them were numerous renowned artists. The gallery presented 150 works and 850 guests showed up at the opening. A large number of guests came directly from the Kunsthalle-vernissage; they did not want to miss out on this perhaps more authentic and definitely more amusing presentation and party. Area 53 displays a wide range of art – from graphic drawings, classic painting, photography, sculptures, readymade and video to multimedia and interactive installations. In addition to works by lesser-known young artists, artworks by established artists such as Erwin Wurm, Franziska Maderthaner, and Hofstetter Kurt were presented. With this presentation, Mounty R.P. Zentara and Karin Sulimma continue the counter-action titled “Also lives and works in Vienna” originally initiated by Viktor Bucher on the occasion of “Lives and works in Vienna II”. The gallery owners even radicalized Bucher’s approach by accepting all works submitted to them – making practically no exception. The result offers a very diverse overall view. It renders examples of the rich and contemporary Viennese art - a view that might not be more objective, but definitely more complete, and which contrasts the Kunsthalle-approach with an oscillation between protest and supplement. By Margareta Sandhofer Galerie Area 53 1060 Vienna, Gumpendorfer Strasse 53 email: thearea53@gmail.com www.area53.name Opening hours: Tue – Fri 3 p.m. – 6.30 p.m. Saturdays on request

Galerie Area 53
1060 Wien, Gumpendorfer Straße 53
Email: thearea53@gmail.com
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