080210: Ortner 2: Barbara Husar – KUNSTSTROM

Ortner 2: Barbara Husar – KUNSTSTROM Archaically modern On the occasion of the release of Anna Barbara Husar’s art book “Kunsstrom” an exhibit of her small format paper paintings are simultaneously displayed at Ortner 2. Husar is one of those artists, where it is essential to see the person behind the art first and it would not suffice to judge the work by itself. With her cheerful positive presence she is capable of lending the gallery and her work vitality – as well as presumably also in her own life. Similar - in a nearly diametrically opposed way – as it is not possible to imagine Christian Eisenberger as an art figure and human being independent from his oeuvre, one will constantly find references to the person Barbara Husar in her work. And whoever may not yet be acquainted with her paintings will easily find access through her unique trashy-poetical picture language, which are often created on objects such as cigarette boxes or fertilizer bags. They are colourful paintings, completely covered with figures, stamps, and writing, which – on account of their size – fit perfectly into Ortner 2’s limited space and are only partially included in her art book “Kunststrom”. Stamped words such as herd, horizon or cradle, together with depictions of sheep and cows refer to her regular stays in the desert, but also to fundamental, quasi archaic structures that are far more than references to one of the archetypes of culture. Terms such as frequency, integral or high voltage current form the carefully considered counterpoint in the compositions and point to the fixation of this art in current, modern life. The book, which is well-worth reading and browsing, is not what one would call low-priced, yet highly recommended to enter the lovingly quaint universe of this unusual artist. By Wolfgang Pichler Ortner 2 1010 Vienna, Sonnenfelsgasse 8, until 27.02.10 http://ortner2.at

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