080210: quartier 21 MuseumsQuartier: kondition pluriel – abandoned

quartier 21 MuseumsQuartier: kondition pluriel – abandoned The viewer as a prop “abandoned”, created by the artist group kondition pluriel, is the second exhibition presented at the showroom of the University for Applied Arts. Martin Kusch, artist and tutor at the university, and Marie-Claude Poulin staged this conceptual performative installation, which demands a great deal from the viewer. On display are six terminals, each playing a different sequence. Three of them are positioned on an office desk, the others are distributed across the room. A camera is set up on the floor in front of one terminal, while a second one, mounted higher and rotatable, films the audience and the surrounding space. Additional props include a chair draped with clothes and crutches. The scene is staged in front of a large-format photo depicting a studio situation. Starting point of the installation is a video showing a performance by Marie-Claude Poulin moving around on crutches. The adjacent terminals show generative depictions of the motion sequences - transmitted simultaneously with the help of sensors fixed to the dancer’s body: on the left, the movements of arms and head are shown in a curve-form, on the right, the same movements are visualized as deformations of a 3D cube. Another terminal repeats the performance in an analogue format - as a hybrid, and therefore somewhat blurred. The only audible noise is that of the appliances and the crutches as well as the constant tumbling of the dancer. The choreographed sequences are interrupted by recordings of the viewers taken from different angles, and remind of a surveillance system. “abandoned” centres on the concepts of body, space, and perception. In images or likenesses, in a generative translation, digital revision and temporary absence of the individual elements an abundance of references, which as a complex network, enable the development of performative space. Within this space, the entire event is shown as a reciprocal reflection of the segments, quasi in a recurring loop. In this context, the human body is equally as relevant as one of the props. Through the parallel recording and playing of the viewer’s image in the installation, his presence is involved to such an extent that he finds himself in its midst. He/she is an integral part of the scenario, in a looping – generating a body, space, and perception. By Margareta Sandhofer quartier 21 MuseumsQuartier 1070 Vienna, Museumsplatz 1, until 21.03.10 http://quartier21.mqw.at

quartier 21 MuseumsQuartier
1070 Wien, Museumsplatz 1
Öffnungszeiten: Di-So 11-19 Uhr

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