180110: artlounge Strabag Kunstforum: Zsolt Tibor – Tested and considered

artlounge Strabag Kunstforum: Zsolt Tibor – Tested and considered Ingenious details In the extensive rooms of the Strabag Art-Lounge, the Hungarian artist Zsolt Tibor displays remarkably small and reduced works. They are charming drawings with a love of detail, never obstructing the overview over the entire composition. Nevertheless, the partly ingenious works lose their impact both on account of the way they are presented as well as the large number of less compelling works. One could have easily done without the few partly humorous, partly bland assemblages, which focus on the monarchy. But on the other hand, they do not interfere too much with the overall impression, which is dominated by the drawings mentioned above as well as the ingenious pencil sgraffitti on the white walls. The latter are a great delight: not only taking a closer look at them, but also discovering them at the most incredible locations: an indefinable object hanging from the loudspeaker, mounted just beneath the ceiling, or a light switch decorated with wings… These details, and individual, absolutely convincing compositions on paper, create the charm of this otherwise rather arbitrarily arranged exhibition. By Wolfgang Pichler artlounge Strabag Kunstforum 1220 Vienna, Donau-City-Strasse 9, until 22.01.2010 http://www.strabag-kunstforum.at

Strabag artlounge
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