051009: Strabag Kunstforum: Jan Vasilko – Utopia and Visions from Eastern Europe

Strabag Kunstforum: Jan Vasilko – Utopia and Visions from Eastern Europe Slovakian constructivism for the 21st century Upon entering the Art-Lounge, the large-format acrylic painting, - which if he was still alive in the 70’s, could have been created by Kandinsky – catches ones eye. The quality of the purely constructivist work is truly impressive, and despite being painted in the style of the pioneer of abstract art, its autonomy cannot be overlooked. It is mainly the colouring, which reminds of the 70’s with its nuanced brown and ochre tones and which distinguishes itself from the classical constructivist paintings. After having seen the entire exhibition, including some of its less spectacular paintings, one comprehends what makes these magnificent and daring works, all meticulously painted, so convincing – mainly because of their autonomy. They all seem to have originated through the usage of everyday forms and colours. Not Ivan Kliun or Kasimir Malevich gave the stimuli for the compositions, but those forms and colours, which the artist found in his own environment. In addition to the above-mentioned large-format canvas, the designs for a museum of contemporary art in Kosice are remarkable. Here again, the form language reminds of Paul Klee and, similar to his paintings, there is no hint of spatiality. Let alone of recognizable buildings. But it is these paintings by Jan Vasilko, which remind of great peers, but originate on a completely different basis. This is the only explanation as to why such a daring endeavour of a new interpretation of constructivist art can be successful in the 21st century. By Wolfgang Pichler Strabag Kunstforum 1220 Vienna, Donau-City Strasse 9, until 02.10.09 www.strabag.-kunstforum.at

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