200409: Elke Krystufek – Galerie Meyer Kainer / Dorit Margreiter – Galerie Krobath

Elke Krystufek – Galerie Meyer Kainer / Dorit Margreiter – Galerie Krobath Venice in Vienna In 2003, Elke Krystufek and Dorit Margreiter both stood in the limelight, when they were awarded the official City of Vienna Prize. Five years later they were nominated by the Biennale-commissioners Silvia Eiblmayer and VALIE EXPORT to jointly present their work with Lois and Franziska Weinberger at the Hoffmann-Pavilion. At the current exhibit in Eschenbachgasse one can visualize how different Krystufek’s and Margreiter’s styles are. By Oscar Wilde’s dictum: one should never be so superficial as not to judge someone by their looks, the contrast between the two artists was already clear on opening night: while Margreiter appeared in her usual discrete and casual style, Krystufek attracted attention with her colourful outfit and bright red lipstick. At the Galerie Meyer Kainer, the latter pursues a topic that amazingly has only been dealt with by a handful of artists, especially female artists: the depiction of males. The artist sketches or paints John Waters, Paulo Coelho, Jesus Christ, all in her unmistakable Krystufek style. Unquestionable highlight of the show: five colourful penises on silk, created 2006 for her grandiose MAK exhibition. Next door, at the Galerie Krobath, Dorit Margreiter arranged a film, a stagelike installation, and a photograph: a voice narrates stories about the numerous Venice replicas produced all over the globe since the 19th century. The actors in the film – Margreiter’s students –read the text in an environment in which the equipment reminds of the scenic elements of the installation, which, in turn, again shows up in the photographs. A game of deception filled with references; the undertone being black-and-white. Are both positions actually capable of charging each other or do they remain juxtaposed without any reference at all – this question is left open for validation. In the real Venice. By Nina Schedlmayer Galerie Meyer kainer, Eschenbachgasse 9, 1010 Vienna Elke Krystufek – the female gaze at the male or unmale man until 25.04.09 www.meyerkainer.com Galerie Krobath, Eschenbachgasse 9, 1010 Vienna Dorit Margreiter until 25.04.09 www.galeriekrobath.at

Galerie Krobath
1010 Wien, Eschenbachgasse 9
Tel: +43 1 585 74 70, Fax: +43 1 585 74 72
Email: office@galeriekrobath.at
Öffnungszeiten: Di-Fr: 11-18h
Sa: 11-15h

Galerie Meyer Kainer
1010 Wien, Eschenbachgasse 9
Tel: +43 1 585 72 77, Fax: + 43 1 585727788
Email: contact@meyerkainer.com
Öffnungszeiten: Di-Fr 11-18, Sa 11-15h

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