150409: Galerie Krinzinger: Gottfried Bechtold – Residue

Galerie Krinzinger: Gottfried Bechtold – Residue Close companion: fast car A Porsche is a car through which the financial potential of its owner become visible – both its price as well as its engine power make it to a fetish of the capitalistic “survival of the fittest”. Gottfried Bechtold’s obsession is distinct and manifests itself in the current exhibition “Residue” at the Gallery Krinzinger. The elaborate production process utilizing concrete for the creation of eleven Porsche 11-clones (“Elf elf”, Bregenz 2006) is affectionately illustrated in an ORF film. The protective cover supplied by the car company for preserving the lustre and softening the characteristic silhouette, presented an exceptional sculptural challenge. Aesthetic black-and-white photographs of two bearded men, each standing alone next to a Porsche, narrate their careful approach and detachment to the object, which is conveyed through the distance between the picture margin and the protagonists. There are also a few milk carton sized casts made of different materials and colours, with and without the characteristic protective cover. All of Bechtold’s works are neatly arranged. Listening to Bechtold (in the ORF film) mention that he views the world with the eyes of an engineer, one could reflect that this might be a kind of Gothic high-tech workshop romance - with a cathedral-like seriousness and a calculated usage of a condom. For Bechtold, the phenomenon obsession attains the aspect of accurate and gentle relevance - that being a potential, that one cannot easily hear when listening to Porsche-sounds on the street. By Gesche Heumann Galerie Krinzinger 1010 Vienna, Seilerstätte 16, until 30.04.09 www.kunstnet.at/krinzinger

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