Call: Vier 2-monatige Residencies am Zentrum für Kunst und Ubanistik (ZK/U) in Berlin

reSITE und KUNSTrePUBLIK schreiben vier je 2-monatige Residencies aus.

Applicants can select from three categories of work to be done in the residency:
1. Shared Cities Atlas

Resident will assist the editor-in-chief with the early-stage editing, data collection, analysis, visual design, writing and research
2. Shared Cities Exhibition

Resident will assist the curator with early-stage conceptualization of major exhibition on sharing in cities
3. Independent project on sharing in cities

All media will be considered and could be utilized in the final Shared Cities exhibition

The consortium welcomes artists, architects, urban activists, visual designers, curators (scholars and practitioners), as well as all type of transdisciplinary thinkers who are interested in theory and practice dealing with contemporary urbanity. Special attention will be paid to those focused on alternative and collaborative economies, cooperative housing, transport or culture, and alternative forms of civic engagement, data research and sharing.

reSITE and ZK/U are interested in contemporary artistic positions and analysis, ranging from contextual and interventionist to conceptual and public art or writing that address the selected theme. Work at ZK/U is informed by theoretical and practice-based critiques developed in the disciplines of geography, anthropology, urban planning, architecture, urban policies and the humanities. Prospective applicants should be working professionally in their fields and have a broad range of projects and exhibition experience. Scholars and practitioners should have some years of professional experience. We especially encourage applications consisting of artists working with scholars or practitioners from other disciplines.

Furthermore, the residents are invited to use reSITE and ZK/U as a platform, and propose their own formats or long-term satellite projects. You are encouraged to get involved in ZK/U’s regular formats and the activities across the Shared Cities: Creative Momentum project such as engage in discussions at the Openhaus about your work, or show your work at the Ideas Yards in Prague or other project cities.
We are Offering:

* Two-month long residency at the ZK/U, including space for ‘living & work’: furnished accommodation with private/shared bathrooms, studio, wifi, communal facilities, shared and private production areas, a platform open for public events, lectures, discussions, screenings, performances and presentations.
* Informal advisory from ZK/U and reSITE creative, program and curatorial teams
* The Resident has the opportunity to participate in events organized by ZK/U. These events include curatorial conversations, an open house event, as well as lectures and discussions.
* All work done during the residency will be considered for: public event and exhibition in Prague in June 2018, research publication dedicated to the residencies, Shared Cities final exhibition in Berlin 2019, Shared Cities Atlas published in 2019.
* Per diems including travel expenses (up to a maximum of EUR 400), if needed.
* Materials/production budget (up to a maximum of EUR 1000), if needed.
* Artists, scholars, and practitioners can apply individually, or as a group. However, if artists apply as a group, only one individual will be funded (additional costs when more than one person live in the unit needs to be covered by resident).

Selection Requirements:

Artists will be selected in a two-step process.

reSITE will choose a shortlist of up to 20 artists each of which will be presented to ZK/U. reSITE and ZK/U will then choose one artist for each residency from this shortlist, as well as two alternates.

The selection is made according to criteria based upon the quality of work and social competence of the applicant, as well as their purpose within the ZK/U collective of residents and contribution to the larger framework of the Shared Cities project. The selection will take place at least 1 months before the start of the stay, if no other agreement has been made.

Applicants will be notified with the results of their applications before the end of January 2018.

How to apply:

Please fill in the -->  digital application form, and submit:
- CV & portfolio
- Artist statement (350-500 words)
Deadline for applications: 15 January 2018
For more information contact: tereza@resite.org

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